Friday, May 22, 2009


Today I'll start on kids, after a note about Libby and Jellybean. Libby is our 14 year old Beagle that we had to put to sleep recently. She ruptured a disc in her back which came out completely,making her legs useless and she was in great pain. She'll be missed. Jellybean is a mutt we've had for 15 years,since he was 6 weeks old. He's the king of the house. Between my husband and I we have six kids(3 mine-3his) and 15 grandkids. My oldest is Ed (Scoobie) who is married to Edith and she's originally from Chile. They have six kids in a nuclear family.Ed and Cody from Scoobies previous marrige. Kayla from Edith's previous marriage and Wyatt,Tatianna and Isabella of their own. My middle son is Vaughn who is divorced from Corinne and he's currently in prison(don't ask). Bryan is my yougest and he has Megan from a previous marriage and Destiny and Alexus with his wife Amber. My husband Dick has two daughters and a son. Dawn is the oldest and she's married to Mark. Their kids are Mitchell.MacKenna, Morgan and Maddox. Amy is next and she' married to Jeff. Their kids are Sam and Rebecca. Dick's youngest is Steven who doesn't have any kids and is diorced from Shelley. That's a postcard of Family,more later.

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